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We get asked a lot of the same questions often


Heres a little FAQ for you to get answers to those questions 

What does the set up look like? 

Smaller EventsUsually for smaller events a table and 2 chairs is supplied by the client, we would decorate this with a colourful shiny sheet and our beautiful kit, if needed we can bring chairs and a table, we can also supply signage and decor at an extra cost, 

Festivals: Our stall set up is bright & colourful with a rainbow roof and pink & purple on the inside, our tables lined with shiny colourful sheets which complement the style. The stall decor is perfect for any festival, attracting customers, its bright & inviting & its always bustling inside!

What about the paint? 

We  use professional-grade, hypoallergenic paints, designed specifically for use on the skin.

Our paint is designed specifically for kids face paint made for the most delicate of skins. 
This paint lasts until you wash it off with soap and water dependent on how much you perspire it should last all day!

We also offer an option of Alcohol based paint which is used for temporary tattoo, this paint lasts up to a week on the skin 

If you are worried we recommend you do a patch test before applying 

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